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The FiduciaryXSM Virtual Reference Desk is designed to assist subscribers with quick questions. Topics such as investment best practices, hedging, strategic asset allocation revision, valuation, private equity funds, international investing, risk management and fee economics are a few of the many areas we've been asked to address.

Each week, our team of research librarians, analysts and subject matter experts will tackle your inquiries in the hopes of helping you rekindle an idea, provide a resource about a critical topic, identify an oft-used industry benchmark or reference a thought-provoking study. We will publish results by adding questions and answers to the searchable and continuously updated FiduciaryX Knowledgebase so that others with the same question can find answers relating to over 100 topics. Answers will always be posted without citing the name of the individual who asked for help.

If your information needs go beyond a quick question, please contact Editors@InvestmentGovernance.com or a member of the Investment Governance management team or complete the Contact Us form to learn more about customized knowledge process solutions such as:

  • Tailored training for your staff or clients
  • Need-specific surveys
  • Private label white papers
  • Large-scale data assessment
  • Development of practice aids
  • Financial modeling

We deliver an independent work product that saves you time and money, allows you to leverage off our expertise without taking on new staff and reflects the breadth and depth of our intellectual capital.

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