New Pension Reporting Rules

Interview With Disclosure Experts, Ms. Peggy Bradley and Mr. Adrian Weidenfeller

On May 18, 2010, Dr. Susan Mangiero talked to Ms. Peggy Bradley and Mr. Adrian Weidenfeller about new pension audit rules, Form 5500 service provider fee disclosure requirements and the need for valuation policies and procedures.

Ms. Bradley is a senior vice president with the Northern Trust Company and led the FAS 157 Implementation Project for the Bank’s internal and external clients. For a full bio for Ms. Bradley, click here.

Mr. Weidenfeller is a consultant in the Operational Client Servicing Solutions group of the Northern Trust Company and helps clients with Form 5500 preparation work. For a full bio for Mr. Weidenfeller, click here.

To listen to the May 18, 2010 video interview about pension audit and reporting rules, click below.

Editor’s Notes:

  • Correction to Slide 11: FASB Alignment of Asset Categorization – Should read ASU 2010-06
  • Correction to Slide 30: The word “formal” should be “formula” instead.

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