What is FiduciaryX.com?

FiduciaryXSM  is a unique and independent one-stop investment best practices research and education portal that integrates analytical and search tools to document institutional investment industry practices and deliver answers that attorneys and their clients can trust.

With the most comprehensive online investment best practices information available today, FiduciaryX will help you to save countless hours in research time, guide transaction strategy by providing research about what works and offer easy access to industry experts.

Benchmarking Investment Industry Standards

The Investment Governance, Inc. research and editorial team regularly updates www.FiduciaryX.com with investment industry standards and guidelines, case studies, document templates, expert insights and data. Besides the ability to search a comprehensive database covering over 100 critical fiduciary related topics, investment advisors and consultants can ask a question via the Virtual Reference Desk or engage Investment Governance, Inc. to provide customized research, assemble topic bibliographies and checklists and document guidelines and best practices currently in use by the investment industry.

Researching New Rules, Regulations and Case Precedents

The Investment Governance, Inc. research team is experienced at providing updates about global accounting rules, fiduciary regulations and legal case precedents that help you help your clients. Risk management, valuation, hedge funds, 401(k) fees, fiduciary standards and asset allocation represent a sampler of “must know” topics.

Differentiating Yourself in a Competitive Market

FiduciaryX.com technology allows you to create secure and “invitation only” groups to existing and prospective asset owner clients to discuss how your services are differentiated on the basis of investment best practices and fiduciary standards. Without spending money on technology, you are instantly able to distribute thought leadership and announcements about customized events to those investment decision-makers you identify. The Investment Governance, Inc. team does the rest.

For more information or to sign up for a complimentary subscription to www.FiduciaryX.com, call (203) 929-0011 or email CustomerCare@InvestmentGovernance.com.

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The FiduciaryXSM website, owned and operated by Investment Governance, Inc., provides independent and actionable information, data and education products for institutional investors. Focused on "best practices" and investment process standards, FiduciaryXSM deliverables focus on topics such as pension risk management, asset allocation, ERISA compliance, mutual fund board education, endowment and foundation strategies, hedge fund investing, investment ethics, hard to value pricing, fiduciary duties, investment governance leadership, 401(k) fee analysis, investment litigation, securities lending, portfolio diversification, fiduciary liability insurance, socially responsible investing and much more.

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